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here i have some pictures of my bike which i am restoring back too its former glory. pleas can you give me some sort of feedback on this bike please. i know this bike was made by you people. and it has a stamp of numbers on the frame which are (3006701). you may be able to help me with parts etc. hope to hear from you soon. mr d drew.

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  1. At least the original Grolsch is still available! The company that made your tricycle does not exist any longer. It was the British company Accles & Pollock. They had bought the Gazelle factory in Aalten that produced light transport vehicles (human powered, electric or with petrol engine). After management take-over the company became Truckbouw Aalten. After they went bankrupt in 2004 Matysta took over and manufactured the transporters in their own workshops. Matysta still exixts. And they still advertize Grolsch Beer Tricycles on their website: Press the tab ‘reclame’ to view another model.

    The frame number of your tricycle tells that the year of manufacture is 1999, so it has been made by Accles & Pollock Aalten.

    I hope it helps you to know something about the history. If there are problems restoring your Grolsch Apollo. Just ask, I’m sure there are people around here with some experience.

    Regards, Sjoerd

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