4 gedachten over “FietsVAK 2015”

  1. Wooden frames for Dutch bicycle lifestyle? I can’t imagine that. Well, maybe if it was some impregnated multiplex used for scaffoldings at construction sites, but I’m not sure it is.

    Dutchebike… hmm. I like its kickstand and that’s all; the rest looks quite mediocre, there’s only a front rack of limited surface (flat is better IMO, you can always put a crate or a huge basket), no rear rack (what do I do with my pannier?), the fenders look flimsy.

    The rack on Sparta looks fine, designed to the purpose, the thick tube is the kind used on Pickup’s rack, you can hide a steel cable inside (useful for securing the front wheel!). All electrical parts apart from the pedalling sensor are close to each other, no long cable runs (the motor wires conduct up to 8A at 36V and more at lower voltages, length and thickness matters), and if the fork was rigid, there’d be no repetitive strain (flexing) on cables. That’s a good, reliable design. Other than that, nothing special about these bikes. The frames look too simmilar to e.g. Batavus Personal Delivery.

    As for the cargo bike, it reminds me of something world-famous from Copenhagen ;). Let’s say that all superb products have hundreds of knock-offs; Maarten van Andel’s bakfiets had a fair share of them too. The thin tires and no fenders seem impractical to ride in cities, esp. on cobblestones, with 50kg of cargo or more.

    BTW. Speaking of Larry vs Harry, they run a custom shop and allow you to choose whatever frame model/colour, parts and accessories you want on your new Bullitt, so you don’t have to get a stock model if you don’t want to. It’s quite like the Dutch manufacturers did a few decades ago (vintage “prijscouranten”)..

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