Bicycle identity

Hallo ,
I’m Bakri from Lampung , Indonesia .
I have transporfiet bicycle , The merk is MAXWELL series number : 32816 .
i want ask about :
1 . when is the bicycle produce ?
2 . Is there any document about sending this bicycle to INDONESIA ?
3 . who is the first owner of this bicycle ?

From information that i get , a long time ago , this bicycle was owned by ministry of dutch on INDONESIA .

Thanks ,
Bakri Tanjung .

More images:
Cross frame from Lampung

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  1. Bakri,
    That’s a great looking old bike though I’m not sure it’s a transportfiets. It looks more like a city bike with an unusual kruisframe. In any case Maxwell was an Amsterdam company that built excellent bikes; mostly heavy-duty transport bikes and trikes.

    I actually own the only Maxwell bikes I’ve seen that are not transport models. It is my understanding that they were owned by the family of the owners and I purchased them from an elderly colleague. The bikes I have probably date from the 1950’s but your bike looks much older.

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