3 gedachten over “500 transportfietsen”

  1. Is there a higher resolution version of the 500 transportfietsen presentation that I can download? Or that you could email ( or peer to peer transfer ) to me?

    The YouTube version is interesting, but I expect that it started from something with much better image quality.

    I do some writing for MOMENTUM magazine (www.momentumplanet.ca)here in Vancouver and would like to include reference to a better quality version, if it exists.

    Ron Richings
    Vancouver, BC

  2. Hi Ron,

    Sorry, the original movie has been deleted, because it took too much of space. I’m not a good video editor and have a pc almost the same age as my bicycle..

    The Youtube version is the only one available now. But maybe in the future I make a movie with ‘1000 transportfietsen’. And more in line with the drums of the music..

    Best regards,

  3. meer transportfietsen, 1.500 transport- en bakfietsen in 8 minuten!

    druk niet op play als je ooit last hebt gehad van epilepsie.

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